Fuel Oil 180 CST

- Powering Industries with Reliable Energy

What is Fuel Oil 180 CST?

Fuel Oil 180 CST, also known as heavy fuel oil or residual fuel oil, is a type of petroleum product with a high viscosity and density. It is commonly used in industries that require a dependable and cost-effective energy source, such as shipping, power generation, manufacturing, and heating.

Key Features and Benefits

High Energy Density

Fuel Oil 180 CST packs a high energy density, which means it provides a significant amount of energy per unit volume. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require a concentrated and long-lasting source of energy.

Cost-Effective Solution

As a residual fuel, Fuel Oil 180 CST is typically more affordable compared to lighter refined fuels. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for industries looking to optimize their energy expenditure without compromising performance.

Versatile Applications

Fuel Oil 180 CST finds extensive use in various industries. It is commonly used as a marine fuel for large vessels, in power plants for electricity generation, as a heating fuel for industrial processes, and in asphalt production, among other applications.

Reliable and Stable

Fuel Oil 180 CST offers excellent stability and reliability, ensuring consistent combustion performance. Its properties make it suitable for use in demanding industrial environments, providing a reliable source of energy to power your operations.

Environmental Considerations

While Fuel Oil 180 CST is a petroleum-based fuel, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We ensure compliance with applicable regulations and promote eco-friendly practices in the handling and use of fuel oil.